& Voilà !
April 2018

 international workshop 
 “Together” Workshop at Centre Pompidou ︎
This workshop was a great opportunity to work with students from all over Europe, the approach and methodology of work were quite different from what I used get to with my school. It was a little destabilizing at first but very rewarding, and it allowed us to work in a transversal way with students from other universes. A very good experience in sum !
Our topic was : How to create a fast and easy event signage system to be build in 3 hours with a storage constraints ?

Why build something new when we can use elements the museum already have ?
"Hacking" a classical and basic furniture like the sticks to create something new, inspired by Marcel Duchamps and the ready-made.
Creating a modulable structure that can be reinvented over and over depending on the needs, just like Pompidou Center is always reinventing itself.
Offering to the public a playful way to show information in keeping with Pompidou Center approach of art.

  1. Misael Rojas ︎
  2. Helmi Domínguez Vanha-aho ︎
  3. Clémence Gouy ︎
  4. Jingwei Xiao