Spring 2017

When I discovered Finnish Sauna, I was very far from the idea that pops in when it comes to the making of the sauna... Here, in Finland, the Sauna is mainly a place of spirituality and a time for sharing where everyone is on an equal footing.An authentic Finnish cultural tradition. I had the opportunity to discover the benefit of steam baths and I was especially surprised by the variety and all the contrasts they offer : hot-cold, dark- luminous,wood-snow.

My key-words were sharing, contrast and spirituality. I wanted to highlight the water pouring. I decided to focus on the idea of a central stove to refer to the baptismal font. Also, I wish I could find a solution to hang the bucket and the spoon. Jakaa is a stove for a tent sauna. It is a central element of the layout of the sauna. People are placed around this stove like people around a campfire...

This comparison with the campfire is important because it is one of the best place for socialising. Jakaa allows to create a very pleasant social atmosphere.The prototyping was a great experience because I learnt a lot about the failures. Especially about the materials, the scale...