Neuf Magazine
October 2016

NEUF is a magazine that promotes young creation in the field of applied arts, born from the collaboration of four students in Product Design : Celine and Pierre from ENSAAMA (Paris), Morgan from ENSCI (Paris) and Gabriel from Central-Saint-Martins (London).
For us, NEUF is to highlight the young creation, that of our generation, the one we know and live.

NEUF is an opportunity to discover the projects of your neighbor, and it is daring to present yours, your projects full of freshness, carried by a sharp, greedy, crunchy look ...We really want to make this magazine a place of sharing.
Everyone can participate, young, moderately young, more very young, old, freshly old, and even old. Everyone has a lot to learn from each other.

We aren’t afraid to embark on the creation of a magazine even if we are not in the business. We test, we grope, with the help of our entourage. The idea is that everyone can have a place in its construction, everything interests us, the desires, the questions, the remarks, and above all: the projects. We will play more of the mediator than an editor, because we do not count on our knowledge alone.

So, treat yourself to feasting, treat usto feast and send us all that. You will be an actor of NEUF, and why not one of his heroes.

  1. Céline Dumartin ︎
  2. Morgan Alby ︎
  3. Gabriel de Noray ︎
  4. Camille de Noray ︎
  5. Maxime Delavet ︎