A better look at the city
December 2017

Introduction :

The city, a place that we all know, 7 billion people - half of the world population - lives in cities. The development of urban space has always been around historic centers, where we find traces of the past, of history. Today, we are at a decisive moment in our approach to these spaces, especially when we know all the environmental issues to consider.

Today our cities are more adapted to pedestrian movements. However, over the past ten years, a phenomenon has come to change the uses. The smartphone has become widespread. The digital is everywhere.

We are more and more tempted to watch our mobile devices. Added to this, the banality of the everyday life makes that. Unfortunately we tend to forget what is happening around us. How to make people look up? To make them they pay attention to what surrounds them?

Every city in the world has a unique tangible and intangible heritage. How to give it, or give it back, to the viewer ? My original intention throughout this project is to give new ways, new postures, new scales in the way of seeing and especially to contemplate the city.

All this research work, will lead me to the design of new devices and uses that should allow to rediscover the city and its heritage.